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Where all the Interwebs come together to congeal
a special brand of sordid humor and entertain-ment.
Welcome to typO969.net, we have lots of internets and outer webs. Stop touching my dad now, thanks.



Putting the finishing touches on quite a few unique fonts. They will not be cheap, from $30-$50. TTF's include: Jim Morrison Hand, EAPoe Early Hand, EAPoe Late Hand, Kurt Cobain Hand, "Jack the Ripper" Hand, and most importantly Курсив кириллицы (cursive russian cyrillic). Stay tuned. :)


RIP Josh K: good friend, fellow musician, all out giving person, drinking buddy. You will be missed greatly.


This design is a little better. I really wish I had more time to mess with the always time consuming motion graphics. Alas, the new AFX is a memory monster! Or maybe I should get my pc out of the dark ages?


And it is back! Well, it will be soon. Forum and everything. Yes, I know the design is really lame, but I don't care. I'll make something better later. Oh yea, I'm going to do a newer and updated 969 Online. !!All old contributors please get ahold of me if you still want to write once a month!! Just send me an emaily and I can let you know the new layout/subjects for the writings.


My life is still pretty occupied with things other than computers...well partly computers, bu tmostly music.
I have some new stuff I've been working on for the site though, so sometime soon i'll begin the uploading


Ok ok, so it's been a long long time. My site has been around for a decade now! YAY!
New design going just for you Judd! Probably going to stay this way for a while.
Added some new sections, took out others.
Life is pretty busy these days and I will try to update this as often as I can.


New design. Excitement.


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